Top 5 advantages to pursuing an HGV truck driving career

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Have you ever thought about a career in the truck driving industry? There are endless benefits to becoming a professional truck driver, including great pay and travel opportunities. Why not read our top 5 advantages on why you should be kick-starting your truck driving career today.

Change of scenery.

Truck drivers can spend a lot of time on the road, which means they get to travel to places they never thought they would. One of the great things about driving a truck is that the scenery changes constantly. There is also usually points of interest on the way. Truck drivers have a great opportunity to see Britain’s beautiful countryside and its loud and busy cities. With truck driving, you’re essentially being paid to see the country. While you’ll be locked into travelling, for the most part, you will certainly have more opportunity to see the country than the average office worker.

Get great pay.

With a great job comes great pay. More and more companies are giving bonuses and increased pay for truck drivers, particularly long-haul drivers. Another plus about becoming a truck driver is that you are usually guaranteed pay raises as you add on years of experience. Another way to a fast pay rise is increase your driving licence levels by training on different trucks. Truck driving jobs come with weekly or monthly pay, 28 days holiday and guaranteed overtime pay.

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Have more flexibility.

A flexible schedule is often offered and available to truck drivers through many trucking companies within the U.K. from delivery companies to waste management companies. Many times, truck drivers can also decide what type of hauls they would like to drive. Some companies will also give you the choice between local runs, long-distance runs, or cross-region runs. There is also range hours and shifts available for truck drivers. Job shifts can range from night and day hours and full or part-time work. A majority of drivers enjoy driving at night leaving them with a full day to spend as they please, often with family or friends.

Have job security.

With a job as a truck driver, you have much more security in your position. The trucking industry is a secure market and because there’s a shortage of truck drivers, you will always have a position available to you. A job offer will come quicker especially if you have a few years of safe driving under your belt. Due to the shortage of drivers, there are always job vacancies available at any time of the year. Currently, the U.K. has a driver shortage which ranges from 45,000 to 50,000 drivers needed. All companies where drivers are an asset to the company will rarely turn town drivers due to the shortage.

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Variety of hours, vehicles and driving experiences.

Professional truck drivers can expect a lot of variety in job routes. From driving one city to another within a single country to a cross-Europe drive. Drivers can also expect to be given training opportunities throughout their job. Majority of companies also give drivers the chance to progress their driving career by training them on a variety of vehicles. Each time a new licence is achieved, drivers can expect to see a rise in their pay. When becoming a professional truck driver, be prepared for no two days to be the same.

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