Is the UK having a major driver shortage?

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Is the UK having a major driver shortage?

Results from a recent survey show that the concern for driver shortage has risen dramatically between 2017 and 2018. Almost half of UK transport businesses have said that they believe their biggest barrier for growth in the business is the driver shortage.

The Routing software provider has spoken to more than 100 UK transport businesses and 46% told them they believe the shortage of skilled drivers and workers is their biggest barrier to succeeding. This shows a rise in concern because last year only 36% said that their biggest barrier to success was a shortage in skilled drivers.

The next biggest cause of concern was the transport costs, and 13.4% of people that responded to the survey said it was their largest issue. Congestion and lack of investment within the industry both have 7.2% of votes stating that these are the businesses biggest concerns for the lack of drivers, and the final set of 6.2% of votes have stated that Urban transport restrictions are the biggest issue causing concern.

Driver Shortage Statistics

Issue Respondents that see issue as biggest faced
Driver shortage 46.6%
Transportation costs 13.4%
Congestion 7.2%
Lack of investment 7.2%
Urban transport restrictions 6.2%

RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett has said “The UK haulage industry is currently facing a shortage of between 45k and 50k HGV drivers and us as an industry need to face this challenge head on”.

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