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Thinking of changing career? Ready for change? Then you’ve come to the right place, here Driving Talent Ltd share what have been outlined as the Top 10 jobs in the UK so far in 2019.

What qualifies for the best job? Well, we’re measuring the top 10 jobs through career satisfaction, the number of openings (might have changed as you’re reading) in the UK and what the median base salary is. These aspects then equate to an overall rating out of five. Furthermore if your role is listed below or you think it should be, let us know!

Going from worst to best:

10th Business analyst – score: 4.3

  • Job satisfaction rating: 3.7
  • Number of job openings: 2,949
  • Median base salary: £40,000

If you require a more strategized method of working, a Business Analyst might be the perfect role to bring in to your business. Regardless of department, this role will look into goals and requirements and help tailor the process to achieve those.

9th Design Manager – score: 4.3

  • Job satisfaction rating: 4.1
  • Number of job openings: 719
  • Median base salary: £55,000

For those of you who are naturally creative, this should be the role you aspire to obtain. In an age of social media, design has never been so important and in the position of Design Manager you’ll have the chance to communicate with clients, marketing and sales and other departments too. Resulting in a variety of different projects.

8th Operations manager – score: 4.3

  • Job satisfaction rating:: 3.7
  • Number of job openings: 2,226
  • Median base salary: £42,000

Depending on the sort of business you are or work for, Operations Manager can look very different. However, the responsibilities will generally consist of analysing current systems in place for production or service, check whether this is the most effective way of running and manage the different positions within the operations department.

7th Data scientist – score: 4.3

  • Job satisfaction rating: 4.0
  • Number of job openings: 995
  • Median base salary: £46,000

The clues in the name with this one! A data science, you guessed it, evaluates a business’ data…but, it’s what they do afterwards that’s the important bit; raw data will be turned into valuable insights which can be used to identify what the business needs to grow.

6th Risk manager – score: 4.3

  • Job satisfaction rating: 3.9
  • Number of job openings: 1,111
  • Median base salary: £60,000

Through designing and implementing a risk management process for the organisation they work for, Risk Managers will help business’ to stop accidents from happening before they do. Resulting in saving money and most importantly, a safe working environment.

5th Sales manager – score: 4.4

  • Job satisfaction rating: 3.8
  • Number of job openings: 2,795
  • Median base salary: £42,000

This is a role in which you will directly alter or increase how quickly the business is growing. You will build a team that works around targets and methods that best suit the organisation and its target audience.

4th Product manager – score: 4.4

  • Job satisfaction rating: 3.8
  • Number of job openings: 1,697
  • Median base salary: £52,500

This position will actively look at ways to improve or optimise the business’ product or services in order to maximise the value of the product or services. This could be through altering production processes, changing the materials that are used, whatever it takes to receive the largest return on investment.

3rd Marketing manager – score: 4.4

  • Job satisfaction rating: 3.9
  • Number of job openings: 1,966
  • Median base salary: £42,500

This position can be extremely varied, as they will also be expected to oversee all marketing activity. This could be anything from social media and website search engine optimisation all the way to TV advertising. – They will also be expected to choose the platforms depending on where their audience goes, put together a strategy and build a team.

2nd Finance manager – score: 4.5

  • Job satisfaction rating: 3.8
  • Number of job openings: 2,001
  • Median base salary: £60,000

A hugely important piece of the puzzle for any business to strive; a Finance Manager will be tasked with monitoring and reporting on accounting figures, producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines and also managing budgets.

1st Audit manager – score: 4.6

  • Jobs satisfaction rating: 4.5
  • Number of job openings: 1,124
  • Median base salary: £52,000

That’s right, Audit Manager has been ranked the no.1 career in 2019! An audit manager is an accountancy role responsible for organising and overseeing the auditing process they also often manage a team of auditors.

Jobs that fulfill your dreams!

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