Driving Driver Talent to Your Business

Driver recruitment was the first sector for Driving Talent and therefore is the sector we boast the most experience in. Driving Talent knows that the driving industry has been under substantial pressure of late, with the number of drivers dwindling year on year.

This is why we began our in-house driver training division (more on this below) and through this scheme generate a plethora of high-quality professional drivers ready to go out to the place of work. These drivers are trained by us at a very high standard and can be tailored to your needs through up-skilled industry specific training.


Truck drivers (Class 1/ CAT C+E & Class 2/ CAT C)
Delivery Drivers
Articulated Lorry
& lots more!

Connect with Driver Candidates

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Extensive and targeted database

identifying top-quality talent, relevant talent who are actively engaged and looking for new opportunities.

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Driving Talent Website and Job Library

identifying top-quality talent, relevant talent who are actively engaged and looking for new opportunities.


Industry Spaces

As an established recruiter for this sector, we uphold a credible online presence in the appropriate places to acquire the people you need.


Social Media

Driving Talent are active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram with live updates and adverts. Here we connect with an engaged network and reach thousands of people every month.



The vast marketing industry knowledge within our team allows us to identify a high standard of candidate with the correct skill set to match your requirements.


Email Marketing

Our campaigns are targeted and fully compliant with GDPR regulations. This is an effective way to send out newsletters, job boards to raise awareness Driving Talent’s latest marketing roles.

Did You Know, We Also Offer In-house Driver Training?

As mentioned above, our professional driving school is thriving, offering training courses such as class 2 (CAT C), Class 1 (CAT C+E), Driver CPC, CAT B+E Trailer Training and more! Would you like to become a Driving Talent driver or do you have an employee you would like to up-skill? Browse our training programme library by clicking here.

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