Warehouse to Wheels HGV

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Nigel's press photo for Warehouse to Wheels

Warehouse to Wheels

Driving Talent have launched their Warehouse to Wheels HGV Campaign, in which they pledge to help increase the amount of professional drivers in the East Midlands and the United Kingdom. The campaign is designed to provide opportunities for Driving Talent’s employees through a structured programme with built-in progression.

Driver shortage is an ever-present and continually growing issue in the UK, with the number rising year on year. This campaign acts as a direct response and aims to not only expand the Driving Talent driving team, but supply the industry with fully-qualified professional drivers too.

The Road to New Opportunities

Warehouse to Wheels is open to both current and new warehouse employees at Driving Talent. Driving Talent employees will be enrolled for the campaign, which enables them to undertake their HGV (CAT C/ Class 2) training and progress into Driving Talent’s professional driving team.

Working as a professional driver opens the door to an array of career opportunities within logistics, construction, waste management and recycling, haulage and many other industries. What’s more, is Driving Talent’s drivers could even be offered the opportunity to progress further and undertake Class 1 training; allowing them to drive articulated vehicles.

“I am extremely proud to be unveiling this new scheme which looks to give an opportunity to Driving Talent’s employees to progress their career, whilst simultaneously bringing a new generation of professional drivers to the industry.”

– Nigel, Training Manager (Pictured above)

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