Why Having A Good CV Is Important

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We all know that having a good CV is important, but how important really is it?

In this blog, I will outline why having a good CV will make you stand out and increase your chances of success.

 The average time spent reading a CV is 5-7 seconds

You have to make sure that your CV is the one that makes an impact. Keep it clear and concise and make sure a potential employer knows why they should employ you immediately.

Proof-read your CV several times. Employers say that just one spelling or grammar mistake could land your CV in the bin. Stay professional as 76% of employers disregard a candidate if they have an unprofessional email address.

On average, 118 people apply for any given job. Only 20% of applicants get an interview.

The competition for jobs is super high and especially with the pandemic causing lots of redundancies, the search for jobs becomes even more competitive. In order to make your CV stand out, don’t send the same CV to every job you apply for. Send tailored CV’s according to the job role, although this may slow down your rate in which you can apply, your success rate will be far higher than if you were to send out a generic application to everyone. For example, talk about how you will be the ideal candidate for the exact job role you have applied for.

Finally, don’t always look in the obvious places for jobs. Approximately 80% of jobs are never advertised so it’s always worth trying your luck and asking, especially in smaller businesses.

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