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In addition to holding the necessary licence, every professional driver must hold a Driver CPC certification. At Driving Talent Limited, we can take you through the training required to achieve this certification and legally get you out on the road.

Why is Driver CPC Essential?

Since 2009, when the government passed new legislation, professional drivers have been required to embark on ongoing, periodic training to maintain high standards. Covering a range of subjects that are relatable to everyday life as a driver, CPC training ensures skillsets remain at the very highest level and a driver’s ability is assessed on a regular basis.

What types of CPC training are there?

There are two types of Driver CPC that we are able to offer here at Driving Talent Limited; periodic training and the initial qualification.

Periodic Driver CPC Training

This is the ongoing training that is required of all professional drivers. Every 5 years, 35 hours of training are required, or this can be split to seven hours a year. In our classroom environment, you’ll cover all of the subjects necessary to pass the course.

Driver CPC Initial Qualification

The initial qualification is a key aspect in gaining a HGV licence. You will need to book this through your chosen test centre however we are on hand to guide you through the classroom based elements of this.

Upcoming Driver CPC Courses

View all of the forthcoming Driver CPC courses available from Driving Talent Limited below and book your place by completing the form.

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If you would like to talk to a member of our team about Driver CPC training in Leicester, simply give us a call on 0333 900 3 900.