LGV Truck Training Step By Step Guide

Driving Talent offer candidates a comprehensive LGV training package for both Class 2/ CAT C and Class 1/ CAT C+E training courses.

LGV Class 2/ HGV Category C Training

Class 2/ CAT C allows professional drivers to drive “rigid bodied vehicles” which are smaller trucks that do not have a separated cab. This means you will have an array of driving career-paths wide open to you, but you will not be allowed to legally drive these vehicles without the correct licensing.

LGV Class 1/ HGV Category C+E Training

This is the most obvious next step for many of our candidates. Passing your Class 1/ CAT C+E allows you to give much larger vehicles such as articulated lorries or arctic trucks.

You must have already passed your Class 1/ CAT C practical test in order to take a Class 1/ CAT C+E test and unlike rigid bodied vehicles, these trucks feature a cab that is separated from the trailer.

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The First Steps to Becoming a Professional Driver

Now that you have a basic understanding of which qualification you will need to acquire first, we thought we ought to explain what you need to do to pass your LGV Class 2/ CAT C test in a step by step guide.

Step 1

  • Medical Examination (D4 Form Required)
  • Apply for provisional Entitlement (D2 Form Required)

Step 2 (Module 1)

  • Theory Test – Multiple Choice
  • Hazard Perception Test

Step 3 (Module 2)

  • Driver CPC Case Studies Test

Step 4 (Module 3)

  • Practical Driving Test

Step 5 (Module 4)

  • Driver CPC Practical Demonstration – Show & Tell (If you passed your car test on or after 1st January 1997 then once you have competed your module 2 you then need to complete your module 4)

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