ADR: Refers to the transport of hazardous materials by road. An ADR licence must be held in line with the European Agreement regarding the International Carriage of dangerous Goods by Road.


CPC: Certificate of Professional Competence

Category C / CAT C: Licence to drive rigid body vehicles that weigh over 3500kg, with a trailer up to 750kg

Category B+E / CAT B+E: Licence required to pull a trailer, caravan, horsebox or boat over 750kg if a practical driving test was passed after 1st January 1997

Category C1 / CAT C1: Licence required to drive vehicles that weigh between 3500 and 7500kg, with a trailer up to 750kg

Category C+E / CAT C+E: Licence required to drive vehicles over 3500kg, with a trailer over 750kg. Vehicles are commonly known as Artic, Class 1 or HGV

CV: Curriculum vitae

Class 1: An alternative name for Category C+E

Class 2: An alternative name for Category C


Driver CPC: Certification required alongside a licence for an individual to drive on a professional basis


Elite Driver Programme: Offers the opportunity for free Category C training and permanent employment on passing the practical test


Forklift: Industrial trucks used to lift and move materials short distances


HGV: Heavy Goods Vehicle

HiAb: A Swedish manufacturer of cranes, forklifts and tail lifts. Term is used to refer to any truck mounted crane.


LGV: Light Goods Vehicle

Licence: The qualification required to legally drive on the UK roads


Management CPC: Required certification for an operator of heavy goods or passenger carrying vehicles within a management team

Moffett: A vehicle with a truck mounted forklift


Operator’s Licence: The licence required by anyone who owns and operate a fleet of vehicles, and is paid to transport goods to others


PCV: Passenger carrying vehicle such as a bus or minibus

PSV: Public service vehicle; a PSV licence is required when carrying more than 9 passengers or charging separate fares for journeys in a smaller vehicle


RHA: Road Haulage Association

Rigid Vehicle: Refers to a Category C vehicle over 3500kg, with a trailer up to 750kg


Traffic Commissioners: The authority that issues operator licences

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