Benefits of Manual Labour

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The Benefits Of Manual Labour

Manual Labour may sound like a demanding job and not worth the hassle at times, but it’s not all doom and gloom; there are many benefits which coexist with hard work and manual labour. In this article I will outline just a few of the benefits of manual labour…..all whilst sitting at my desk…

Aids Sleep

Many people have a hard time sleeping because they’re not actually physically tired. Most people who work outside in the sun all day fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. Unsurprisingly, farmers get the most sleep of any profession; they are physically active for more than four to six hours a day. Improve your sleep today, by working a manual job outside every day!

Manual Labour

Job satisfaction

When you physically work for your money, you tend to have a different level of appreciation for it and this sense of appreciation flows into other parts of your life. You start showing more empathy towards others and tend to have more respect in general. This contributes to a positive outlook which is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  

Burns calories

Did you know standing alone burns 50 calories per hour? Physically working for 8-10 hours burns up to 50% more calories and helps promote a healthier lifestyle compared to someone sitting at a desk all day.

manual labour

Manual Labour Improves Learning

With fewer and fewer hands-on learning opportunities for kids and more emphasis put on grades, it is less likely that kids will be engaged in hands-on work. With engagement levels being 28% higher than in a classroom, manual labour creates the perfect working environment.

Manual Labour

Trains You for Life

Exerting yourself in physical work, whether by swinging a hammer or mowing a lawn, can promote good health. The benefits can go beyond keeping fit and trim. Carpentry for instance relates to using your manual skills. Also, cooking and cleaning can help you to live on your own successfully. You too can learn a variety of useful skills by working with your hands.

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