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How COVID-19 continues to change the way FMCG brands operate and interact with consumers

2020 has been a torrid year, for the most part, full of challenges and obstacles. However, as the FMCG industry is demonstrating, when the human race is dealt a bad hand the best way to handle this is through uniting.

What, I hear you ask, does this have to do with the FMCG sector? Well, despite the pandemic this year has seen one of the greatest leaps closer to the brands associated with creating relationships with their consumers; increasing trust and loyalty.

Changes in Consumer Behaviour

One of the most defining news stories this year, at least for the FMCG industry, is that boosting your immune system by consuming the appropriate vitamins is a fantastic way of combatting COVID-19 infection. Here’s what this means to the industry:

“People have started to look towards purchasing healthy foods due to immunity-boosting requirements, consumers are more aware and conscious of what they are consuming and thus we have seen an increase in our online sales and queries for our products. Naturally, retail sales have seen a drop as people are choosing to stay home and order online over going out into stores. Though slowly we are seeing retail patterns coming back to normal.” says Seema Jindal Jajodia, Nourish Organics founder.

example of healthy eating for FMCG brands

Customer Engagement

An outcome of consumer’s growing savvier is the added value in associated FMCG brands educating its consumer’s on the subject even further. Many are even going out there way to promote healthier eating habits, reduced calories within snacks, sharing stay-at-home fitness regimes and much more!

The result is a more meaningful and deeper-routed consumer to business relationship; brands are showing they’re willing to understand what their consumers really want and extend a hand throughout the shift in consumer mentality.

How can Driving Talent support these changes?

Ultimately, what we’re seeing is an industry evolve and change with the times, which is an extremely exciting prospect to the team here at Driving Talent. We can’t wait to see how the FMCG sector continues to develop going into 2021 and supporting its associated businesses in recruiting and training professional drivers.

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