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Money Talk – HGV Drivers

Speaking about money and salary is an uncomfortable topic for most people and HGV Drivers, but in reality, it is something people want to know. In this short blog post, I will explain the average salary and what to expect when becoming an HGV driver.

There is lots of misconceptions and false hope on the internet about the salary of an HGV driver. My personal research will be entirely honest and based on stats and figures from reliable sources and also some internal statistics of our own.

I can condense all my research and knowledge on the HGV industry and put it all in one short post to save you time. Hopefully, this blog will help you realise the truth about salary in the HGV world.

HGV Class 2 Driver Jobs in Northampton

Average Salary – HGV Drivers

In truth, a typical starting salary is anywhere between £19-24k for an HGV driver. With more training and experience you can earn significantly more. The most experienced drivers can earn over 40k a year.

Recently, the new IR35 rollout revealed that they are pushing up rates for HGV drivers due to lots of drivers leaving this industry recently. This will work in any drivers favour and you can expect a pay ray very shortly.

Average Salary on Different recruitment sites

Total Jobs – £31,787

Reed – £28,446

Glassdoor – £28,177

UK Talent – £28,862

As you can see from the figures above, all these salaries are very similar. With Total Jobs being the highest and Glassdoor being the lowest.  These paychecks will be averaged out over Class 1 and Class 2 so therefore the more qualified you are guaranteed you to reach the upper quartile of the pay scale which can be significantly higher than these averages. According to several recruitment companies, this can be upwards of £40,000.

Driving Talent’s salaries can vary a lot with our average being higher than most. Out payscale is usually from £10-£16 per hour. Assuming you were on £13/Hour, this would leave you with around £33,800 (before TAX). With lots of opportunities to increase this, for example, £16/Hour could increase this figure by over £7000 (Before TAX).

I hope this blog has enlightened you on what the reality of HGV salary is like in the UK. If this has intrigued you to find out more an potentially start you HGV driving journey then please get in touch with us today here