New Year – Time For A New Career Change

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New Year - New Career

Happy New Year! Every New Year’s Eve the majority of people set themselves New Year’s career resolutions. Career-related New Year’s resolutions are fairly common. This could be anything from a new job, new career or simply changes to their current job. A survey found that 65% of professionals said that getting a new job is amongst their New Year’s resolutions.

Once you’ve set yourself New Year’s resolutions or aspirations they can easily be lost under the weight of work obligations, stress and other obstacles, it’s important that you set yourself resolutions that are realistic and accomplishable. On this page, you will find job-related New Year’s resolutions that you can apply to your perfect job.

Updated C.V. and LinkedIn page to help you find your perfect career

It is important to keep your C.V. updated with your work experience, new skills, and interests. Throughout the year it is easy to forget what skills you have learned or any new interests you have, which is why your C.V.  should be checked and reviewed every 4-6 months. Alongside keeping your C.V. updated you should also keep your LinkedIn page updated and live as this is where employers and businesses will look at your professional page.

Learn a new skill

A great New Year resolution is learning a new skill. Learning new skills can lead you down the path of learning and gaining knowledge about a subject that you never knew about. Having more knowledge of another job could lead you down the path of working in that line of the field. For example, learning a team working skill or organisation skill could land you with a supervising or managerial role.

Get some motivation!

Getting the motivation to enhance your career from your career-related New Year’s resolutions. Motivation can come from attending workshops in your desired future career, friends or family or from recruitment agencies. One of the biggest ways of finding motivation for changing your career comes from moving out of your comfort zone and feeling fear. This can push you to start a new career or a new job.

find a career in something you haven’t done before or something in your field of work.

Don’t be afraid to push the boat out. Set yourself career goals. A new job can be scary but also can be the best thing you could do for yourself or your future self. If you find yourself struggling to decide what new job you would like to move into you can ask for advice and help from a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency can guide you and support you throughout looking for a new job or career.