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How recruitment and training have been effected by COVID-19?


This blog will outline the effects COVID-19 has had on Training and Recruitment. We’ll be outlining things such as Recruitment demand, Driving tests cancellations and how we can help you to recover from this pandemic.

We have experienced first-hand how this has effected businesses and how to recover from this.

Recruitment Industry throughout Lockdown

During COVID-19, Recruitment such as supermarket staff and NHS workers increased in demand. This has unfortunately left companies unable to remain operational after the pandemic in sectors such as Retail, Fitness and Homeware.

Around 7.6 million jobs or 24% of the UK workforce are at risk because of COVID-19 related Lockdowns.

55% of recruitment agencies had either implemented or are considering redundancies, whereas only 9% of in-house recruiters had already implemented redundancies, with 47% not considering.

Recruitment and Training

How Driving Talent Can Help

At Driving Talent, we understand that the outbreak of COVID-19 has effected all of us in different ways.

Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, Driving Talent are back to being fully functional. Driving Talent have started advertising many vacancies Such as our Class 2 truck driver, Forklift driver and Class 1 truck driver vacancies

Throughout this pandemic, Driving Talent have shown continued support to their candidates and are looking for new candidates now! Check out the wide variety of training programmes we have on offer here.

Training throughout Lockdown

While some industries were becoming overwhelmed with the workload and shortage of staff, others were completely out of business and unable to operate through the Pandemic. This included Training programmes coming to a halt and driving tests being cancelled.

An average of 4,600 driving tests are normally conducted in Britain each day according to the Department for Transport statistics. Unfortunately, since March over 500,000 tests have been cancelled.